Wow! What a disc! The singing is strong, tuned and together, and it’s obvious they’re having a ball doing it. The newly-re-formulated All-Stars have got something goin’ on with funky tunes like Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish,” Motown classic “Seesaw,” and “All Kinds of People.” All the soloists are solid, as is the rhythm section (Norm Silver on bass and Zack Freeman on VP). Normshows some impressive range on lots of tunes, as well as taking the lead on Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire.” The last two tunes on the CD (“That’s the Way of the World” and Earth Wind and Fire’s “September”) will make you want to dust off your bell-bottoms and peasant blouses and boogie along with ’em. This is one not to miss!  (44:17 – 2000)

The 17th Avenue Allstars – 17th Avenue Allstars

  1. Song List
  2. Don’t Stop Believin’
  3. I Wish
  4. Walking in Memphis
  5. I’m on Fire
  6. Seesaw
  7. God Shuffled His Feet
  8. All Kinds of People
  9. My Child
  10. You Don’t Treat Me No Good
  11. That’s The Way of The World
  12. September